July 1, 2010

4-H Photos

Ok, I finally decided on some photos for 4-H! Thank you for all of your input! I decided to do only 9 photos, since it can cost a lot with printing and getting them matted. In case you are wondering, I decided to do...

1. Seasons collage (photo 1)
2. Yellow flower with wooden background (photo 3)
3. Birds nest (photo 7)
4. Tree in the mist (photo 11)
5. Spider web (photo 12)
6. Miriam walking on the path (photo 13)
7. Yellow flower with sky (photo 14)
8. Yellow flowers and grass (photo 15)
9. My friend and her little sister (not pictured in last post)

Sorry this post was kind of short, but I just wanted to let you know which ones I had chosen :)
~ Rebekah


  1. Deciding, a hard thing for me to do. Glad that you were able to choose, as all of your pictures were wonderful....


  2. Good luck Rebekah! Beautiful pictures!