June 28, 2010

My Very Busy Summer

I'm sorry that I've been so bad about blogging lately! It has been a very crazy week (actually, a very crazy summer, to be exact), and I just haven't had any time to get around to it! I'm starting to think that "Summer Vacation" isn't the right wording because it really isn't much of a vacation...it's more like a break from school so that you can get everything else done that needs to get done :)

First of all, I have a question for all of my followers. What types of things would you like to see more of on this blog? Verses? Photography? My daily life? Bible studies/Articles? Other? I'd like to do a little of all of these, but I am interested in seeing what all of you would like to see more of :) Please let me know!

So, what have I been up to this summer?? We've been trying to get outdoor stuff done, which has been very hard the past few weeks since we have had a ton of rain. On top of farm work, there has been 4-H activities, a horse show last Saturday (prep work for that took up pretty much all of last week), just life in general, and it seems like there have been many other things piled on those. Summer can sure be a crazy season of life, but it it also so fun!

Lately, I feel like the Lord has been challenging me to make time for Him, even when my schedule is crazy. I feel like there have been too many days that I get "too busy" for my quiet time, when in reality, Christ should be the center of my day. Why does it seem that when life gets busy, our devotions seem to be the first thing to be set aside? If we think about it, Christ should be first in everything, especially our day. My goal is to set aside time for Him each and every morning, even if it means getting up earlier. There will probably be days that it does get set aside, but one thing I have found helpful is having an accountability partner. My friend and I decided to e-mail each other once a week to check in and see how we're doing on spending time with the Lord each day. If you find it hard to have your quiet time daily, I would encourage you to team up with someone as accountability partner...it really helps!

Ok, I have one last thing I would like to ask of you. In mid July is our 4-H fair, and I'm entering some photos. The only problem is, 10 photos is the maximum, and right now I have 15 that I'm trying to choose between. I'd love feedback on them, so if you could let me know which ones are your favorites (or which ones you don't like as much) that would be great!!! For a larger image, just click on the photo :)

Sorry this post was kind of random :) I hope you all have a wonderful summer!!
~ Rebekah


  1. Hello Rebekah!

    Your pictures are absolutely amazing! Your birds nests, first two flowers, tree in the mist, spiders web, little child down the lane and last two flowers are truly my favorite! Beautiful job!

    Sister in Christ,

  2. Rebekah, I think they all are GREAT. I really like tree in the mist, Seasons collage, Spider web, Miriam walking, tall yellow flower, Reddish tree w/shadow, and Yellow flower against wood back ground. Love you,

  3. Oh, and by the way, Congragulations on having FIFTEEN FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I do agree with you, "Summer Vacation" is not much of a vacation! the busy seasons come, and sometimes it is a struggle to keep Christ first, but when we remember all that He did for us, we get encouraged to cling to Him even more. The pictures are wonderful, my favorites being the tree with it's shadow, the spider web (God's creation, so divine!) and the precious bird eggs. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to reading more.....


  5. I love to see pics! And speaking of which, they are all lovely, but I especially like the foggy tree and spider web one. I am into photography too! :)

  6. Hi Rebekah!
    Firstly, thank you for being the newest follower on our blog!:)

    ALL your photos here are so good! If I had to choose 10 though it would be:(from the top)2nd one - tree; 3rd pic of flower; both nest pics; Pic 10-flower; The misty tree; Spider's web, Black& white of little child and both of the bottom flower pics!

    I'd be interested to see which ones you decide to enter. :)

    God bless you.
    In Christ