July 19, 2010

County Fair Update

I have to apologize for not keeping my blog up to date in the last few weeks. Our 4-H county fair started last Friday, and it goes through this Thursday! Today doesn't have much going on, so I'm actually home for the afternoon. I know some of you had mentioned that you would like to hear what is going on during the fair, so I though I'd give you a little update.

Friday wasn't too busy...we just took the horses to the fairgrounds. The dog show was also on Friday night, and Hannah showed our dog Bentley. They got 2nd in their obedience class. She was quite excited about that, and is also looking forward to showing again next year!

On Saturday I showed my Quarter Horse, Flash, and my sister Sarah showed her Shetland pony, Misty. Flash and I didn't place very well in any classes...but I'm alright with that as we have greatly improved since last year, and that's what counts. Sarah showed Misty in the 2-3 year old halter class, and there was only one other person competing against them (which was really nice since this was Sarah's first year showing). Misty was a little ornery, but they still placed 1st in their class...great job Sarah! We also had our exhibits judged on Saturday, and all of my pictures got blues. The seasons collage went onto State!

 (Sarah showing Misty)

(Myself showing Flash)

Yesterday was communications, and I participated in two Share the Fun acts. The first was a skit that I did with my club, and the second was a vocal quartet that I did with my sister Hannah and my friends Alexandra and Jessica. We did the song "On Faith Alone" by Robert Pierre; Hannah and Alexandra played violin, Jessica played piano, and I sang. We hope and pray that all we did represented Christ, and that He got all of the glory! I think that all of us were quite nervous, but we were able to do it almost perfectly...which is better than we have ever done before! We got a blue ribbon, and tomorrow we'll find out if we go onto State or not. One of my close friends and her family had been missionaries overseas, and she came in on Saturday. Their family came to the fair yesterday...it was great to see them again!

(From left to right: Hannah, Jessica, Rebekah, Alexandra)

Tomorrow is the swine show, and then Thursday is the livestock auction. This will probably be the last post before fair is over...it's quite a busy week!

~ Rebekah


  1. Thank you for the update! I am sure your music sounded lovely! And I enjoyed the pics!

  2. Neat! Thanks for the update! I love the last picture. :-)


  3. Oh, how fun!! I'm doing a goat for fair!
    I play the violin(a fun instrument after you learn to get past the squeaking : D)

    P.S. Thank you for following my blog(were the same age)

  4. BTW what template are you using?? I love it and I need to find a new one!

  5. Farmgirl,
    I'm using a template off of Delightful Dots (I'm not exactly sure what the name of the template is...sorry!). I did use template designer to add the white background behind the text.

    The link to Delightful Dots is at the bottom of my blog.

    In Christ,