July 28, 2010

Commited to Purity

I wanted to share this poem on purity with you as I find it a really neat as well as encouraging. This poem came with my purity ring, but I feel that purity goes much deeper than just wearing a ring on your hand...it's something that takes place in your heart, your thoughts, and your actions.

This ring's a special symbol
of the promise that I've made.
With your help, O Lord, I know
its glow will never fade.

With your help, Lord, I'll stand firm
though some may criticize.
For whose opinion matters,
if I look good in your eyes?

Who can give me anything
to take the place of you?
Who on earth can justify
a love that isn't true?

So, I make my statement,
on my hand and in my heart.
I know, one day, I'll hear you say
I chose the better part.

The world calls this old fashioned;
still, I'll wait--it's just awhile.
For Honor, Truth, and Faithfulness
are never out of style.

by James Louviere
copyright, Stuller Settings Inc., 1995


  1. Thanks for sharing. :-)
    So true.



  2. Oh, what a lovely poem, so true and honorable. Suc ha blessing to see more young ladies keeping thier hearts pure in Christ....


  3. A beautiful poem! thanks for sharing.