July 7, 2013

You Lead, I'll Follow


It's a place that is on my mind a lot as of late.

Kids and orphans.

They have been on my mind quite a lot as well.

God's been working in some pretty neat ways, and now that I've graduated from high school I'm starting to get really excited about what this fall may hold. I'm still working on and praying about the details - but it's amazing to see where the Lord is leading and the possibilities He is revealing. Research, application forms, physicals at the doctors office, references, and prayer...I'm learning a lot about patiently waiting and trusting God through all things, to say the least!

And this is just a very small intro to what I hope will turn into an ongoing journey...more details will be coming soon!

(This photo was taken during my trip to Africa in 2009)


  1. WOW...I would love to go to Africa for a missions trip! I have had Africa on my heart since I was 12...and the burning desire hasn't left! I am now 18 and still have a MASSIVE desire to go to Africa!!! I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens...I'm praying about going next summer after I graduate :D

  2. It sounds like the Lord is opening doors, beginning journey's, and blessing you with new gifts that simply fill one's heart with joy unspeakable. I am so excited for you, and rejoice to see what the Lord has in store for you!


  3. Hey there! I ran across your blog today and was very impressed with your heart for the Lord! You know, God has put kids and orphans on my heart as well; and like you, I still don't have all the details figured out. I graduated last year so I completely understand about trusting and waiting on the Lord for that next step. I wish you all the best for this next season of life! God bless!

  4. awesome! i get to go to africa in just a few weeks. really excited! :) xx

  5. Really awesome,excited for you and cant wait to hear more! God bless to you!:)

    ~Amber :) http://thelightthatiam.blogspot.com/ (follow my knew blog!!!)