July 29, 2013

of ink stained fingers and word filled journals

I slip out into the silence of the woods with nothing but my journal, Bible, and a pen. The fading sunlight filters through the leaves high above, and sends dancing shadows across the carpet of grass. I take a deep breath of the clear air, and listen to the soothing chirping of birds as they call to one another (as well as the no-so-comforting buzz of hungry mosquitoes). With a pen in one hand and journal in the other, I write down the things God has been teaching me through His Word, the adventures He is taking me on, and the happenings of life.

I've recently uncovered a love for journaling. The best kinds are those which have soft, textured paper that is worn on the edge. And to finish it off, an inviting cover that is made of smooth, brown leather, or perhaps a rough burlap. Now all that needs to be added to complete this package is words - pages and pages of them.

Life lessons. Quotes. Bits of inspiration. Dreams. Questions. Answers. Lists. It's come to be somewhat of a unorganized compilation of all these things, and yet I have developed it into a unique, personal feel that I enjoy and am comfortable with. Because that's the beauty of a journal - it's a style all your own.

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