February 6, 2013

a quiet park and wet boots || a photo shoot

Meet Alexandra. She's a dear friend of mine who is a super photogenic, fashion loving, fun to be around, music gal who loves Jesus. We finally had the opportunity to spend an afternoon together, which, unfortunately doesn't happen as often as I would like. We had a lovely time chatting at the downtown coffee shop for several hours, and then decided that we were long overdue for a photo shoot. 

I love impromptu photo shoots with friends, as for some reason they always seem to be the best. We wandered along through the quiet park, taking advantage of a lovely winter afternoon. It was quickly realized that our once warm boots are not quite as dry as they had been when the excursion began, but that didn't stop us. We explored some new places, just about froze our fingers off, and made some great memories. In my mind, that just about the closest you can get to the perfect afternoon.


  1. I love these pictures. You did such a great job! Your friend is so pretty. :)

  2. oh, these are so lovely, Rebekah! what beautiful pictures--looks like so much fun. :) Alexandra is such a beautiful young lady! i absolutely a.d.o.r.e her coat, too. :)


  3. Wow, gorgeous photos!

    And she glows! :)

  4. These are very well done. Wonderful job!
    The second to last one is my favorite.
    I really like your blog design, too.
    Thank you for sharing!


  5. The fifth picture is my favorite. I love the black and white, and the way she is posed. They are all beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them:)