January 27, 2013

diamonds on a dreary day

'Twas a rather dreary day - a day without even a sliver of sunlight peeking through the grey clouds and a drizzling rain which silently glazed everything in a layer of ice. The tiny droplets stuck to everything they came in contact with, creating miniature works of art that were just waiting to be discovered. Diamonds seemed to sparkle all around - caught in the tree branches and shining on blades of grass. Yes, winter is a chilly time of year which seems to be deprived of color and life, but it also has a certain beauty about it which can not be matched by any other season. The icicles which daintily dangle from fences and fenders, the frosty white snowflakes that dance through the air before getting caught in your eyelashes and hair, and the nippy temperatures that set you down in a cozy chair with a good book and perhaps a steaming mug of rich hot chocolate.

Ah, yes - 'tis a lovely season indeed. Don't you agree?

// rebekah //


  1. Your header is adorable :)
    Nice pics!

  2. Ohh, those pictures are so extremely beautiful, Rebekah! Love this. :) This a lovely season indeed. :) What a beautiful season that God created for us to enjoy. :)