August 4, 2012

summertime harvest

// beans //

// tomatoes //

// watermelon...or what's left of it //

// blueberries //
I could eat these all day every kidding.

// onions //

// snapping beans // peeling beets // saving watermelon seeds // preserving pickles // freezing blueberries 
// canning grape jelly // husking corn // 

It's that time of year when we start packing baggies and jars full of fruits and veggies. Once they are filled to the brim, the bags go into the freezer and the jars get carried down to the basement to be lined up on wooden shelves. And there they wait until the cold, snowy days prove that summer is gone and a new season has begun.


  1. Those are beautiful pictures! Great job!
    Wow you sure did a lot!! :)

  2. That's a nice-looking harvest! Are they all from your garden? I like your pictures!

    1. Most of what we preserve is from our garden...except the blueberries. Though we would have had some this year had we not had a late frost! We've gotten some produce from friends as our garden is a bit behind this year, but most of that has been for eating, not preserving :)

  3. okay basically you made me just want blueberries really bad. ;)

  4. these are so good! I love following your blogs!!