August 19, 2012

Rolling along

One of my favorite things about Sunday afternoons is the fact that they are usually designated as family time. And in case you hadn't guessed, I love my family. Some times it's a hike along a lake, a trip to the local ice cream shop, or just a simple walk around the farm. Biking happens to be one of my favorite family activities - so when my dad announced we'd be taking a bike ride, I was all for it.

Pedaling along I realized how much I enjoy biking - and how much I missed it. It has probably been a good year since I've been on a ride, and I had forgotten how good it felt to have the wind in your face, the sun shining through the trees, and the happy chatter of kids as they rolled along the trail. Several times I found myself slightly lagging behind just soaking up the beauty of God's creation and enjoying the ride. What a magnificent world He has created for us to live in!

I haven't yet mastered the art of taking photos - or even toting a camera bag for that matter - while perched atop a moving bicycle. It seems to be a tricky feat - and one that I may never achieve. Oh well...I guess that I'll just have to content myself with taking photos from a standstill. And when I think about it, I suppose that would probably be the safest for both me and my camera anyways!

And to finish off the evening, a double scoop of strawberry shortcake ice cream.
I'd have to say that's about the perfect ending.


  1. Hi Rebekah, i agree with you, Biking is really fun. i also do biking if i had a chance to. and looks like you had a great family day. -Lhen :)

  2. It looks like you had lots of fun! I always enjoy biking. :) And you shouldn't worry about your photography skills, all the photos are lovely. :)