January 8, 2011

Top 10 from '10

As I browsed through my photo archives from 2010 (which consists of over 9,000 photos), it was a hard decision. The decision at hand was choosing my top ten favorite photos from the past year. I scrolled down through the seemingly endless pages of photos, and I couldn't decide. "Oh, there are those photos of the sunset at the lake...those are my favorites!" until I reach the page that has pictures from that photo shoot at the railroad tracks...

Why is this so difficult?!?

I finally decided... I can't pick ten "top favorites"...it's impossible. But just for the fun of it, here are ten from my "favorites" folder (in no particular order). I tried to pick photos that I hadn't posted here before and also not a whole bunch from the same photo shoot. Enjoy!

 {A nest of bird eggs found when doing a photo shoot at a wildlife refuge}

 {A butterfly that sat still long enough for me to snap a picture}

 {A stunning sunset over a lake}

 {Friendship is a gift from the heart}

{My lovely friend Rachel...I like the color in this one!}

 {My beautiful friend Alexandra...I like the color in this one too!}

 {I took this picture while experimenting with angles and natural lighting}

 {Macro Shot}

{Railroad tracks...one of my favorite places for a photo shoot!}


  1. Oh it's so sweet of you to post pictures of me!!!

    Luv u,

  2. I loved the picture of birds eggs and the sunset one of "friends"! :)