January 20, 2011

52 Photo Challenge

I'm afraid that I'm a bit late in posting this...but I guess there isn't much I can do about that now, is there?

I really wanted to do some sort of photography challenge this year, but didn't feel like I could devote myself to a 365 photo challenge (one good picture...every day...for a whole year). Then I noticed that other girls had mentioned that they were doing a 52 photo challenge...one good photo every week for one year. That's a little more realistic for me!

Since this is posted a little late I'm going to post some pictures to get caught up. I will have to admit that the first week of the year I was sort of absent from my camera (I'm still trying to figure out how I survived...*grin*), so I decided to"make up" for it by posting a picture that I took just a few days later...

Week 1 (January 1 - January 8)

Week 2 (January 9 - January 15)

So, from now on I'll be posting my "photo of the week" at the end of each week. Hopefully it will challenge me to practice good composition on my photos as well as experiment with new techniques, subjects, lighting, and angles.

I'm up to the challenge...are you?? 


  1. Hi Rebekah,
    I was excited to see that you are participating in the photo challenge. Your photography is wonderful and I enjoy seeing the pictures you post! The picture of the chocolate kiss is very neat! I'm not going to be doing the challenge, simply because I have too many other things going on right now. But I'll the pitures the rest of you take, and I'll be cheering you on =)

  2. I'm not into photography THAT much but I'm excited to see all of your pictures!!!


  3. Hey, I would do it if I had a blog to post my pictures on. Hopefully soon. But i'll be cheering you on~


  4. I love your chocolate kiss picture. I'm also doing a photo a week.

  5. Not me! :) But I will certainly enjoy seeing your photos! I love pics. :) And I like the angles of a lot of your`s! ;)

  6. Hi Rebekah! My sister just pointed out my mistake in the comment I left you. My last sentence was supposed to say "But I'll look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures you take..." Perhaps I ought to proofread things better in the future =) Anyways, sorry about that. And your new blog design is really cute! It looks great!

  7. Oh and I do like the new design! Very snazzy! ;)