February 12, 2012

a chilly winter evening

A cold evening is the perfect time to grab a warm cup of tea, the laptop, and my hippology study material (it's the study of horses...not hippos...a common misconception).

Generally around the middle of January our hippology group begins holding weekly study meetings in preparation for the state competition at the end of March. The contest covers everything from genetics to tack ID to breeds to diseases. In other words, anything and everything horses. It's a lot of hard studying...but it's worth it and so much fun!

 I love the late night study sessions with sisters that almost always end up in laughter. I love learning about one of the most beautiful creatures in God's creation. I love stretching my mind to learn new things. I love discussing horse related topics with other horse crazy kids. If you hadn't already guessed, it's always a highlight of my year :)

|| What's your favorite thing to do on a cold winter night? ||


  1. Oh sounds like so much fun!!! Horse related topics are always so interesting, and a great adventure too. :-) I would have to agree that Horses are one of God most magnificent creatures! Truly splendid aren't they? :-D

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your course, and stay warm ;)

    Many blessings,

  2. Hipology, wow! My family and I are attempting to learn Hebrew consonants to be able to raed the ancient Hebrew of the Bible. So yeah, it's nice to stretch your mind and learn new things!

  3. Hey I awarded and tagged you on my blog!