December 10, 2011

A new day

It was about 7:05am yesterday morning when my mom woke me up, telling me that there was a lunar eclipse going on and she thought I might like to get some photos. That's a normal time for me to get up, but I was still a little bit tired and going out in 10 degree weather just didn't sound too appealing. So I stayed in bed, but as I lay there thinking about it, I decided that it was a rare opportunity and that I should go for it.

Jumping out of bed I grabbed a thick sweater and put in on over my t-shirt, grabbed my camera, ran downstairs, slipped on a coat and boots and went outside. Let's just say that it was cold enough to wake you up very quickly. The only problem was that the best place to take pictures of it was out on the other edge of our property. I may have looked kind of crazy running through the pasture at full speed and clutching a camera bag, but sometimes you've gotta do what it takes to get a good photo, right?

By the time I got up there the eclipse was probably 3/4 of the way done, so I quickly grabbed my camera out of the bag, only to realize that I needed to change my lens to the 55-200mm to get a better photo. It only took me about 30 seconds to change it, but no kidding, just as I finished a cloud covered it up and stayed there until it was over. What a way to ruin my perfect photo taking session! Needless to say, I was kind of disappointed and a little bit frustrated with myself for not getting out of bed only a minute of two earlier!

This is the best (and only) photo that I got of the lunar eclipse. See that little tiny pink spot right above the horizon? Yep...that's it...

Well, even though I didn't get to photograph the eclipse, I did find that early morning is a beautiful time to take pictures! Not often do I go outside with my camera first thing in the morning, especially when it's so cold out. With frost fresh on the ground and a lovely sunrise, it adds a special effect that isn't always available at other times of the day.

It's neat how, even though I didn't get to take pictures of what I had originally wanted to, I was able to see some of the other little details that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. What at first seemed somewhat disappointing, turned out to be a lovely start to my day!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the third one. The lighting is gorgeous!

  2. We had the lunar eclipse in Australia as well, although it happened at around 11:45pm so I wasn't able to see it, and also in our area it was quite cloudy so we wouldn't have seen it anyway, but throughout the rest of Victoria there was many sightings.
    I love this post Rebekah and the photos as well It really is amazing, how one disappointment can often lead to a blessing. :) Its just a shame you didn't get a full photo of the lunar eclipse, but oh-well maybe next time? :-)

    God bless and have a lovely day,

  3. I love it when disappointment turns into something better! Even if you didn't get the photos you wanted, the ones you got are beautiful.

  4. Wow! Those are SO beautiful and amazing!
    It's so much fun to capture the pretty little things of life. You're very talented.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Have a blessed holiday season!


  5. I've seen only a couple lunar eclipses, but they are so awesome! Aren't the solar ones where the moon completely blocks out the sun except for a ring of sunlight around it? I'm not exactly sure, but it would be so neat to see! Isn't the Lord's Creation indescribable?