August 8, 2013

Getting back in focus

God provides.
I know and believe that to be true, yet sometimes I forget and my focus gets blurred. It's easy to look at the problems and forget how insignificant they are in comparison to how big God is.

When I start to lose focus of God's power and instead begin to focus on the issue at hand, it's easy to get discouraged. But I have found that taking a deep breath and fixing my gaze on the ways that God has provided in the past helps me to look at the current issue from the correct perspective.

God often provides in ways that I don't expect, and sometimes ways that I don't immediately recognize. But in a way, I think that makes it all the more amazing when I look back and see all the ways that He has provided in the past, and it gives an excitement to see how He will continue to provide in the future.

God provides.


  1. I really needed this today, Rebekah. Thank you.
    God bless! <3

  2. Yes, amen. Totally could not agree more. Thanks for sharing these encouraging word Rebekah:)

  3. This is so true! One of the many reasons I journal is because of seeing how far I've come. Things I struggled with before, and how God was the one to get me through it. :)

  4. very lovely, and i definitely agree. :)


  5. Love this; it's so true. I agree 100%. :)
    Great pictures of His creation as well!

  6. I nominated you for the elegant blogger award!


  7. Good photos with depth, nature and colour and professional blog.

    In Christ, Dr. Russ.:)