June 16, 2013

Hello Colorado

The past four days were spent with friends on a road trip to Colorado. The main reason for going was to help a friend move her belongings back to Iowa - but we would all agree that it's unacceptable to take a trip to the mountains and not do a few extra fun things while you are there.

I'll have to say that it was quite an adventure. Not everything went as we had planned, but all ended well and many memories were made that will not soon be forgotten. It's generally the unplanned moments that tend to be the most memorable, right?

//  Driving forty hours in the car over the course of four days  //  Eating chocolate-vanilla twist ice cream and french fries for lunch  //  Having quiet time with the Lord while watching the sun set beyond the mountains  //  Hiking the mountains to high places where the valley unfolds below and the sky goes on for miles above  //  Relaxing in the hot springs after a long day in the car  //  Being "rescued" by our dads after having car problems outside of Denver  //  Exploring a historic town full of lovely little shops (and coffee houses)  //  Having a perfect view of the mountains for miles upon miles  //  Spending time with old friends, and meeting new ones  //  Staying in a lovely lodge that was perched high in the mountains and surrounded by nothing but God's creation  //

Road trips are lovely adventures - yet it's also so good to be back home. 
I will have to say, though, that the mountains are one view that my eyes will never tire of.


  1. Looks gorgeous... and sounds fun! I got to go on a road trip to Ohio for Memorial Day weekend, and had a blast.
    Now I want to go to Colorado. :)

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog ;)

    I love the pic of you licking the ice cream! LOL :D :D So me! ;)