March 23, 2013

If antique shops could talk

A new favorite is slowly meandering through enormous antique shops while sipping coffee and  chatting with a friend. The endless maze of items kept my attention for quite some time, and I wondered what stories I would hear if the items could tell of their history. 

Books with pages worn and yellowed with age, waiting to be re-discovered. 
Clocks that just want to chime again at the top of the hour. 
Worn trunks that have perhaps seen better days, but now carry the memories of the miles traveled over land and sea. 
Radios which may now seem quite outdated, yet used to be the center of attention as the family gathered about it each evening. 
Wagon wheels which used to bear the weight of heavy loads as they rolled along the winding dirt roads. 

Ah yes, I wonder what stories they would tell. Would their story be one of adventure and excitement, or did they simply observe the unfolding of daily life in a quiet cottage? 

It brings me to wonder, what will my story be fifty years from now? Although I will never know the exciting stories of those worn items from the antique shop, I'm realizing that right now I am in the middle of a grand story. God is calling each of us to a great and exciting adventure, if we will only say yes and follow Him with all of our hearts. Yes, the road may be rough and the mountains steep, but we have the greatest protector and guide of all.

So will you say yes to the adventure, or simply sit on a shelf and watch the days float by? 


  1. That is so, so true! I would love if antique things could talk. Beautiful photos!

  2. This is so cute! Such a simple, but powerful reminder. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hi Rebekah,

    You've been awarded a blog award!