May 23, 2012

a quiet woodland walk

It was late in the afternoon on a sunny spring day and all I could hear was the soft crunching of dried leaves beneath my feet, the distant chirping of birds, and the quiet bubbling of a tiny stream of water. Sitting down on a old log I just stopped and listened. I listened to the sound of God's wonderful creation all around me. The sounds of spring carried on the gentle breeze. It was beautiful and so refreshing.

There are days when I just need to take a step back from the crazy routine of a much-too-busy schedule and take a moment to breathe. On this particular day I was needing a little bit of quietness, so I grabbed my camera and Bible and set out to go on a walk in our wooded area. The result was a refreshing time reading God's Word as well as lots and lots of photos :)

Finding the twisted remains of an old vine "archway" that served as the entrance to a hideout that my friend and I had built when we were younger or the faint outline of "R & R" carefully carved into a tree trunk. It brings back such wonderful memories...

What is your favorite way to take a break from your daily routine?


  1. Beautiful pictures Rebekah:) When I just need to press in and feel the overflow of the Lord's presence I come into my room and just crack my bible open and start journaling away. I love it!

  2. Amazing photos!

  3. I'm with you Rebekah! My favorite way to break away from my daily routine is to get outside into nature. It's peaceful and it's filled with evidence of the wonderful blessings God has given us!

    I really enjoyed your pictures! You're getting better each time you post. :]


  4. Walks are indeed so peaceful... all of creation singing about you, fresh air filling your lungs... and simply delighting in the Lord!


  5. What a beautiful post Rebekah! I love the photos you took- especially the last pictures of the leaves!! Beautiful! I like to listen to music, get on my laptop or read my Bible when I take a break from my daily routine! Great post!!!

  6. You take some beautiful photos!! ♥

  7. Lovely post! The pictures are gorgeous! I like to read or take a walk... :)

    In Christ,

    PS Here is my blog! I would LOVE if you checked it out!

  8. I LOVE the 8th picture...actually, all of them were amazing. :) To take a break from my daily routine, I love to spend time outside listening to God's voice. =)

  9. these are beautiful, Rebekah!!

  10. Oh I love this post! I love what you wrote and the pics! Beautiful! =)
    Here's my blog~