April 18, 2012

Ice cream and giggles

Have I ever mentioned that my two youngest sisters are the cutest lil' girls ever?
Well, they are.

It was a somewhat busy day, so I ended up taking Hannah to piano lessons, while Miriam and Lydia tagged along. After dropping Hannah off we took a quick trip to the local ice cream shop. I'm trying hard to promise myself that this will not become a habit...

After picking up our treats we headed to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather, and I had the blessing of enjoying my adorable little sisters. They were chatting away, making silly faces, and laughing for really no apparent reason.

I love these girls. Their smiles, giggles, and funny faces are so precious.
But they're growing up fast. Too fast. I want to treasure these moments while I can, because before I know it they'll be all grown up.

As a side note...many thanks to those of you who commented on my last post! I'm glad to report that Flash is doing great and seems to be 100% better. Praise the Lord!


  1. Aww... They are so cute! Thanks for sharing these adorable photos.

    So glad Flash is doing better! =)


  2. So sweet! :) The ice cream looks good too! :)

  3. I am glad Flash is doing better! :) PTL!

    And yes, they are adorable. :) I think you are doomed if you want that NOT to become a habit. :) Lovely pictures, Rebekah. :)

    In Christ,


  4. I awarded you for the Liebster Blog Award on my blog. Go to my blog and follow the directions on there to put it on your blog.

  5. your sisters are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! :)

  6. Beautiful! I'm thinking an ice cream habit sounds like fun, tee, hee.

    How fun that you found my blog--how did that happen??! :)