June 26, 2011

Just wanted to let ya'll know....

The cowgirl queen contest scheduled for yesterday was postponed due to rain, and the date was moved to this Friday (July 1st). I was a little bit disappointed about this change of events because I had pretty much everything ready and was almost to the point of  "let's just get this over with"....and now I have to wait another week! But on the bright side, I'll have some extra time to work on a few things that need some improvement (leads, patterns, and stopping). Another advantage is that they changed the time to 5:00pm...so I don't have to be up at 5:15am again!!!! I'm praying that the weather is nice on Friday and that everything runs smoothly.

Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments on my previous post :) I hope that all of you had a wonderful (and dry) weekend!

:: banding Flash's mane ::


  1. Hey, that's a really neat photo! :)

  2. So exciting, hope you do wonderful!

  3. I'll be thinking of you... and praying! :-)