February 22, 2011

Living in a whirlwind

I'm sorry for being absent for the past week. It was mainly due to my busy schedule...and also not knowing what to post about. I would post about farm life...but nothing worth posting has been going on. I would post about my latest photography adventures...but I do that all too often. So, that leaves me with daily life. Where do I start?? I honestly feel like I'm living in a whirlwind because the days fly by faster than seems possible.

I've been doing a lot of hippology stuff lately, as the contest is the end of March. If any of you are wondering what the contest includes, there is a written test, slide show with things we need to identify, tack identification, and stations (10 pictures on poster board, a word bank, and two minutes to match up the words with the pictures). The contest covers anything and everything horse related...colors, breeds, gaits, tack id, genetics (it's not as hard as I thought it would be), events, and any other horse related topic they can think of. It's a lot of fun, but there is so much to study!

I've also been trying to keep on top of school, babysitting, and farm stuff. Then you mix in all of the other things that come up...

As I try to keep up with the whirlwind of activity, I sometimes need to remind myself to slow down and not trade in the good things for the best things. I'm sure that all of you can relate. There get to be times in our life where we get so caught up in our day to day activities that we forget what really matters. Each and every one of us was made for a purpose...and that purpose is first and foremost to glorify the Lord.

Now I'm not saying that we need to drop all activities, but just to be mindful that our purpose in life is to glorify God, and a part of that is seeking to grow in Him and spend time with Him. I know that I struggle with this all too often. There have been times when I get so caught up in what I feel needs to be done, that the most important things, such as spending time with the Lord, get put on the "I'll do it later" list. Why is this? As I was thinking about it, I think that part of it may be this. Satan knows that one youth on fire for the Lord could change the world. Mary the mother of Jesus did. She was just your normal girl, but gave God all she had and because of it she changed history. He knows that we have that same potential, but if we fill our lives with "good" things there is more of a chance that we'll neglect the best things. I once heard the word "busy" used as an acronym...


Ouch. I know that it doesn't apply to all circumstances, but it still gives you something to think about. So when you notice that your schedule's filling up, make sure that the most important things do happen. And when I say most important things, I'm not meaning school and all of that other "important" stuff, I mean spiritual life. Time with the Lord. I find that when I make that my top priority, and really dig into the Word instead of rushing it, it's always so refreshing. God wants us to grow in Him. He wants to spend time with us. He wants us to learn from and live by His Word. So instead of getting caught up in a whirlwind, why not take a while to slow down a bit and focus on the things that really matter?


I just realized that I never posted the photo for weeks 6 and 7 of the 52 photo challenge. I just downloaded all of the photos that were on my camera onto the computer, so I'll try to post those soon. Also, starting in a week or two I'm thinking of trying to add an "extra" challenge to the 52 challenge, so be looking for an upcoming post about that!

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  1. My, you have been in a whirlwind of activity! :)
    Great post, and I like the "BUSY" acronym - it can be so true.
    God bless,