October 11, 2010

Bliss Photo Challenge - Pets

Here are some photos for the Bliss photo challenge....I couldn't decided on just one!

One of our kittens

Bentley our Australian Shepherd (he's the best dog ever!)

Misty, my sister's Shetland pony

Ok, I have a question...does anyone know of an easy way to add a watermark to your photos? I had to add all of mine by typing in onto each photo using Picasa 3. Anyone know of a quicker way or program? Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. I use Picnik.com,but I don't know if they have any watermark stuff! But they have alot of cool stuff!

  2. Currently, it's one photo per blog (does that make since?...) I know it's confusing, but it can get overwelming when people throw a bunch of photos at you, so thats my way of keeping it organized, just the way I like things. :-)

    Since you entered three, I will choose which one I like or I will do it based off of comments.


  3. Hi Rebekah!
    I love your photographs, especially the first one... How cute!
    I usually use Picnik for my watermarks, by using their font tool. You could also use GIMP, or ScrapBlog. Picnik is definitely the easiest though, and you can get very creative!

    Many Blessings,

  4. Thank you for the information about Picnik! I have used it before for resizing images, but forgot that you could add text there as well! Thanks!

  5. They are all so cute! But I think the kitten one would be a winner. :)