September 10, 2010

Little Works of Art

On Labor Day we were at my grandma's house, and in her backyard was a whole colony of monarch butterflies! It was so neat! I was very glad that I had my camera as well as a full battery :)

God put so much design into these beautiful little works of art! Which one is your favorite?

I think that I ended up taking like 150 pictures that day (not all of them were of butterflies...but most of them were)! The only problem was that my camera didn't focus on them quite like I was wanting it to. With them being so active, it was hard to get really clear photos. On the screen of my camera they looked great...but not quite as good when I got them loaded on the computer.


  1. Those are beautiful pictures! I think that my favorite is the second one, but they all show God's amazing glory.


  2. Love the pics! The second one is my favorite too!

  3. Beautiful! I love the second one! God's handiwork is truly amazing!